5 Beer Mug Gifts Your Groomsmen Will Absolutely Love

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Engraved Groomsmen Beer Mug GiftsPersonalized beer mugs can serve as the perfect way for you to thank your closest friends for being there for you on your special day. The men who serve as your groomsmen, as well as your best man, ushers and the father of the bride will appreciate this customized gift, since it’s practical and will also serve as a reminder of your wedding day. Each time the recipient looks at their gift, they’ll recall fond memories that involve the two of you, and they’re likely to keep their own celebration going by enjoying their favorite craft or home-brewed beer in the mug. After all, beer is especially tasty when it’s in a one-of-a-kind mug that has been thoughtfully designed. When you want to give a gift that is both affordable and considerate, the personalized beer mug is definitely the way to go.


Retro Beer Mug

This mug has a timeless, classic look and features an engraved name in the center of the beer mug for your customization. You can include the first name of your friend or loved one and include his role in the wedding underneath his name. The font for the engraving is a vintage typewriter variety, adding even more style and visual appeal to the mug.



Shield Beer Mug

This mug has a sophisticated look to it, and you can include your groomsman’s initials in the center of the shield. The bottom banner of the shield can be used to engrave the recipients full name, or you can include the date of your wedding. The base of the groomsman beer mug includes beautiful detail as well, and the mug is dishwasher-safe.



Bowtie Beer Glass

 These fun and classy bowtie beer mugs feature a bow tie on the front as a nod to your classy and sophisticated occasion. The center of the mug provides enough space for you to include the recipient’s first name, his role in the wedding, and the date of your ceremony. The mugs are beautifully carved and will last for years to come.



Tuxedo Top Groomsmen Mug  

These mugs are the ideal gift for your group of gentleman friends. The tuxedo and top hat design engraved in the center of the groomsman beer mug make the gift stand out, and you can customize it with your loved one’s name (up to 12 characters). The mugs are masterfully carved by hand and are made from durable glass that will last for years.



Oval Banner Beer Mug  

The oval banner is the main feature of this engraved beer mug, and the banner offers just enough space for the recipient’s initial to be engraved. The bottom of the banner can be decorated with your loved one’s last name for further personalization. The beer mug has intricate detail at the base and it’s safe to put in the dishwasher.



There are lots of choices when you’re considering beer mugs for your groomsmen. Consider any of these styles to show the members of your wedding party how grateful you are. 

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