Check Out the Ultimate Groomsmen Gift With These Flasks

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Now that your wedding is coming up, you’re likely searching for a thoughtful and practical gift to present to your groomsmen. Flasks are a great way to thank the special guys in your life for being a part of one of the most significant days of your life. At Groomsmen Glasses, we offer customized flasks that are made from quality materials. Here are a few great choices for flasks based on the style and personalities of the groomsmen, ushers, and other loved ones who have had a hand in making your wedding memorable. 

whiskey label personalized engraved flask

Whiskey Label Flask

This flask has a large frosted label, which provides you with enough space to have your loved one’s name engraved, along with the city and state of your wedding. The labeling and font give the flask a sophisticated vintage look that your groomsmen will be happy to use anytime. 

Tuxedo Top Hat Flask 

A flask that displays a top hat and tuxedo design immediately gives the impression of class and style. This is an ideal groomsmen gift if your wedding is formal, or if you’re presenting the flask to a groomsman who is especially dapper and refined. The front labeling provides plenty of space to have the name of the groomsman engraved, and the flask is hand-carved from quality glass. 

skull cross bones flask, engraved groomsmen gifts

Skull and Crossbone Flask

If you have a Gothic sense of style or you have an usher or groomsmen who would appreciate the skull and crossbones design, this is an ideal gift purchase. You can fit up to 12 characters on the front label, so you can easily feature the last name, first name or nickname of your groomsmen. There’s also space on the label for you to engrave your loved one’s role in your wedding (i.e. father, usher, groomsmen, deejay), which makes the flask even more personal. 

Bowtie Groomsman Engraved Flask Gifts

Bowtie Flask 

A bowtie is a symbol of elegance, so a flask that features this image makes for a fancy yet affordable gift. You can include the name of your loved one, the role he has played in the wedding and the date of the ceremony on the flask. The high-quality glass that the flask is made from ensures that it will last for years to come, so your groomsman can celebrate with the flask long after the wedding is over. 

Engraved swing top flask for groomsmen

Retro Flask  

The retro flask is perfect for a guy with a timeless sense of style. The groomsman’s first name can be featured on the flask, along with his role in the wedding. The typewriter-style font is appealing and easy to read, and your friend or relative will remember your wedding day and the particular part he played in it each time he uses the flask. 

Best Man Engraved Flask Gifts

Arched Panel Flask 

The arched panel flask has a detailed design that immediately makes the gift eye-catching. The flask is pocket-sized so it can be easily transported, and it has an old school swing top for a timeless, classic feel. The font has a shadow effect to make the flask stand out, and there’s enough space for you to have your loved one’s role in the wedding engraved on the flask as well. 




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