Glass Gifts for the Distinguished Gentlemen in Your Groomsmen Group

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If you have a guy in your group of friends who is especially dapper and sophisticated, you’ll want to choose a glass groomsman gift for him that will reflect his personal style. There are a number of crystal and glass gifts to choose from that will show your appreciation to a friend who has been part of your wedding day. Here are a few stylish and distinguished gifts to choose from.


Groomsman Bow-Tie Flask

This flask features enough space for you to have the groomsman's name and title engraved on the glass. The flask also has a stylish bow-tie design in the center of the bottle and beautiful trim around the border of the bow-tie logo. The etching technique used for this gift makes the bow tie look as if it's 3D, and you can customize the writing on the flask by using your friend's initials or including any additional "titles" your friend holds in your life, such as "business partner" or "best friend."


Groomsman Tuxedo, Top-Hat Flask

Few things symbolize sophistication like a top hat and tuxedo. These clothing pieces are signs of formal elegance and are often worn by distinguished gentlemen who have a vintage sense of style. This flask features tuxedo and top-hat detail along with a space in the center of the design for you to have your groomsman's name engraved. The flasks are made from quality glass, and the designs are created using a deep carving method, so these gifts will serve as memorable keepsakes for years to come.


Engraved Bourbon Decanter

If your friend is the type who is always entertaining distinguished guests and wants to make a great impression, the engraved bourbon decanter could make a thoughtful and tasteful gift. The decanter is large enough for two or three drinks, which means the recipient could easily use the gift to enjoy a toast with a small crowd. The decanter can also be personalized with your groomsman's initials engraved in the center of the decanter.


Arched Panel Decanter

 This decanter has a design that is inspired by the Old West, and the panel is spacious enough to feature your friend’s name and his role in your wedding. This gift can easily serve as a decorative item in your groomsman's home or office and makes a great conversation piece when he is entertaining colleagues or friends. The decanter is 38 ounces, made from quality glass, and dishwasher safe.


Engraved Retro Mason Jar

A mason jar is a Southern staple when it comes to décor and dish ware, and if your friend is from this region of the country, an engraved mason jar is an excellent gift. The retro mason jar has a look that is both upbeat and distinguished. The mason jar is perfect for serving your groomsman's favorite cocktail, or you can present the mug filled with the recipient's favorite candies or cigars.


Groomsmen Glasses also offers glasses that can be matched with the decanters to make a lovely crystal serving set. There are also several flask designs to choose from, so you can personalize each of the gifts you give to the men in your wedding party.

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