Spoil Your Best Man With a Personalized Whiskey Glass

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If you want to celebrate your wedding day with your best man in style, you may want to top off the night with a toast. One of the best ways to make the wedding toast extra special is to give the guy who has been your right-hand man a personalized whiskey glass. This token of your appreciation can serve as a symbol of the bond that you two share and will remind the both of you of your special day. Here are a few gift suggestions that will show your best man just how much he means to you. 

Retro Whiskey Glass

This vintage design is a stylish addition to your best man’s whiskey glass collection, and there’s plenty of space for you to have his name engraved and the role he played in your wedding. The retro font has a timeless look, and you can purchase a set of glasses for him so that he can entertain with the glasses, which are also appropriate for scotch or bourbon. 

 Oval Banner Whiskey Glass 

The decorative banner in the center of the glass is one of the first details you’ll notice on this stylish glass. There is space for you to have your best man’s surname initial engraved above the full spelling of his name, and the professional detailing makes the glass a welcome addition to your best man’s flask or whiskey glass collection.  

Tuxedo Top Hat Whiskey Glass 

 If your wedding ceremony is formal, images of top hats and tuxedos are quite fitting when you’re choosing the perfect gift for your best man. The quality glass and expert carving make this whiskey glass even more appealing, and the front banner provides enough space for you to have your best man’s first name engraved on the glass. 

 Shield Whisky Glass 

This glencairn scotch whisky glass features a decorate shield where you can have your best man’s surname initial engraved. There is also space to have the last name of the best man engraved under the initial. This is also a great gift to buy in a set so that you can give out a whiskey glass to the best man and the rest of the individuals in your wedding party. 

Bowtie Whiskey Glass 

The bow tie is a sign of a formal occasion and can be a symbol of the time that you and your best friends got dressed up to celebrate your nuptials. There is ample space to have your best man’s name engraved on the label, along with the date of your wedding. The design and etching on the glass make them uniquely beautiful, and they’re ideal to give separately or as a set. 

Skull and Crossbones Whiskey Glass 

If your best man has a rock and roll sense of style, the skull and crossbones whiskey glass is a great gift. You can have the name of your best man engraved, as well as his role in the wedding. The large label has detailed designs, and the glass is ideal for whiskey or bourbon on the rocks. 


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